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A clean fan filter is important!

August 31, 2022

It is important to change or clean your fan filter 3-4 times a year for it to work as efficiently as possible and to avoid the fire hazard that can arise when grease and food accumulate in the filter.

However, many people fail to clean their filters and in addition to increasing the risk of fire, it can also lead to a worse indoor environment when the kitchen hood can no longer suck up grease and smoke from the food effectively, so there are several reasons to clean kitchen filters regularly and at least once every six months.

Clean your fan filter from grease

To ensure that you have a clean filter for your kitchen fan, you, therefore, need to regularly clean or change your filter. When you clean the kitchen filter, you need to do it with something that dissolves the grease that has accumulated in your filter, such as washing up liquid. You can leave your kitchen filter in water and detergent for an hour or overnight.

You can also run your fan filter in the dishwasher after cleaning it off grease if you want to get it clean. Many people put the kitchen filter directly in the dishwasher without first dissolving the grease, and it will probably work well if the filter is not heavily soiled.

There are also other housewife tricks such as cleaning the fan filter for the kitchen hood by adding 1 dl of rubbing alcohol to a tub of washing-up liquid and then letting it sit.

But this advice only applies to fan filters that can be cleaned, there are also filters for kitchen fans that are like a thin cloth mat or rubber sheet and they need to be replaced because they cannot be washed without the performance deteriorating.

Clean carbon filter for carbon filter fan

Certain types of carbon filters, especially older models, need to be both cleaned and reactivated. The carbon filter is cleaned in a dishwasher with high water temperature and detergent and only the carbon filter mat itself should be washed, avoid washing the mounting frame.
To reactivate the carbon filter, it must then be dried in an oven (100 degrees for 10 minutes).

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