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Remove red wine stains

For red wine stains - for example, red wine stains on canvas, red wine stains on the ...

Blockage in the drain

Have you got a blockage in the drain and want to try some housewife tips before calling ...

Burnt pots and pans

Forgot a pot or pan on the stove or burned them during the actual cooking and got a ...

A clean fan filter is important!

It is important to change or clean your fan filter 3-4 times a year for it to work as ...

Clean with vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar is popular, but what exactly is vinegar? It is simply a mixture of ...

Clean with bicarbonate

Cleaning with bicarbonate is popular too much in the home and in this article, we go ...

Stainless steel – cleaning of stainless steel

Stainless steel can look dull when there are traces of fingerprints and smudges, although ...
Clean oven

Clean oven – about cleaning the oven in the best way

Cleaning the oven before baking and cooking is a good idea and we are approaching the ...

Clean windows – clean windows in the best way

Do you have to have a window cleaner when cleaning windows? No, using window cleaner is ...

Clean the microwave – that’s how you get a clean microwave

Clean microphone quickly and easily? So you get rid of all the dirt and food residues, ...
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